Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hacking News - Another Twitter Spam "Filming a new film ,starring Katt Williams"

Recently, I report in E Hacking News that the spammers are mentioning your name in the Tweets and asking for the suggestion.  Today, One of our Twitter friend, @backtracesec , give a hint to hunt  another Twitter spamming group.

In this campaign , the cyber criminals claimed that they are going to film a new movie starring Katt williams.   Katt Williams, an American comedian, rapper and actor. He is best known for his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next.

"@VictimAccount We're filming a new movie in your city starring Katt WilIiams ! We want you to be in it! go here @PerryCasting" The spam tweet reads.
Here, the spammer main account 'PerryCasting' hasn't tweeted anything but the tagline has the following text:

"Welcome! Please proceed now and confirm your availability for the film. FOLLOW THIS LINK · [bit_ly_Link]"

Just like the previous spam tweets, the link redirects to multiple sites .  In the end, it leads to '160tracker[dot]com' . A quick google search reveals that the site is being used by spammers.

I have collected fake twitter accounts that post the same tweets.  Here you can find the list of fake accounts:

If you think that i have missed some fake accounts, please feel free to send or comment the fake account.  If you report it to Twitter as spam, it will be better.

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