Saturday, September 29, 2012

Miley cyrus sex Tape is real or fake? a Facebook Scam

If you are searching "Miley cyrus sex tape is real or fake",  I gave the answer for the question in the title itself. Yes, it is an old Facebook scam.  Recently, I've post a news report about this scam in E Hacking News. I'm just going to give more details about that scam in this post.

The scam starts with a facebook post titled "[hxxp://bit.**/RoqXJM] omg i lost all respect for her now". It has a picture propagating the scam displays a closeup of the singer, apparently in a state of rapture.(Yes, it is very hot..! ).

"" is URL shortner site that turns a long URL into a much shorter one. Most of times, cyber criminals use URL shortners for hiding their malicious site.

I visit the link provided in the post. It redirects me to "hxxp://".  This page contains nothing other than a small javascript code:

The above code will redirect to "hxxps://".  The page displays a video interface ,but in fact, it is a picture.

When  i clicked the image, it displays the following error message:

It ask users to copy and paste their Facebook authentication token. The token allows attackers to gain access to your account and spread their scam further. Once user paste the url and click the play button, it will displays the following  image:

After few seconds, it redirects to a dropbox page that ask users to complete a survey in order to watch the video.

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