Sunday, November 21, 2010

C program and how to compile it.

Hackers should atleast 5 programming languages.  Before all ,learn c program .  Because it is basic programming language for all programming language.   It is easy to learn also. 

There are many books available to read like Complete reference c, C for dummies. 

In online also you can learn.  One of best website to learn c program is

How to compile c program?
Download "Turbo c " compiler and install. it.  :download

Now open the tc.exe in the folder "c:\tc\bin"

Select New in File Menu of the turbo c editor.

and type your coding .

save it with ".c" extension Like hello.c

press alt+f9

Create exe file:
press f9

Run :

if my post is not clear for you ask me doubts as comment 

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